Ethics Policy & Mission


The mission of The Bharatvarsh News is to help subscribers to stay updated and informed about the news and events from around the globe. We at The Bharatvarsh News strive for Rashtrahit and that is why our motto to dedicate every news to Nation.

Ethics Policy

All employees of The Bharatvarsh News are expected to work in the best interest of the organisation while acting in accordance with the company’s code of conduct and ethics policy.

Employees are expected to bring to the notice of the Human Resources or Legal departments in case they witness any violation of ethics by any or a group of employees.

The Bharatvarsh News employees must avoid all possible scenarios of conflict of interest, while covering an event, conducting an interview or collecting data for a news article.

To avoid such scenarios, employees must inform their reporting heads about the possibility of the conflict of interest. Employees are barred from using their position in the organisation for their personal benefits, or accepting gifts, corporate benefits and rewards from sources to tweak information in articles.

Any conflicting relationships with any employee within the organisation must be disclosed.

Employees should not partake in any form of harassment against colleagues or refrain from bringing to notice any such instances that they deem to be against workplace ethics.

The company has the right to access all communication that is official in nature – involving resources provided by the organisation or that involves exchange of information pertaining to the company.

The Bharatvarsh News employees are expected to handle financial matters related to the company with utmost responsibility, making necessary disclosures from time to time.

Sensitive information available to reporters while collecting data for stories shall not be misused by any means.

All employees are expected to adhere to the laws of the land and the company shall not be responsible for any act committed in violation of the above. The same is applicable while concerning laws about data privacy.

The Bharatvarsh News staff is prohibited from colluding or sharing information with competitors. They should not work along with any competing entities while fixing prices of products or services offered by the company.

The company has a list of organisations that we don’t deal or cover. The employees are thus required to refrain from covering or writing about any of these blocked companies.